Alyssa's Alert
Panic Button Platform

Alyssa's Alert is a panic button platform provided by AppArmor for K-12 Schools in the State of Florida. Panics triggered by administrative users via a mobile app, desktop panic buttons, or wearables instantly relay life saving information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.


Fast and Effective Panic Button Platform

In implementing Alyssa's Alert by AppArmor, school administrators can provide instantenous notifications to authorities that include a description of the event, media, building information and more to help first responders quickly and effectively save lives.

Quick and Comprehensive Alerts

In seconds your administrators can trigger a detailed panic notification to local authorities.

Detailed User and Facility Profiles

Your panic notifications can include helpful details about the reportee, including location, school information, maps and more.

Real-time Communications

Panic button reportees can communicate in real-time with the authorities to both improve response and the end yser's safety.

Multiple Panic Button Options

Alyssa's Alert by AppArmor can be triggered on smartphones and tablets, desktop and laptop computers, and on wearable devices.

  • iOS and Android Mobile App

    Your users can use the branded Alyssa's Alert app to trigger a notification to the authorities

  • PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks

    Your users can trigger a panic on a small application on PCs, Macs and Chromebooks at your school.

  • Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Android Wear

    Your users can also use the Apple Watch, Fitbit or Android Wear app to quickly and discretely trigger a panic.

District Branded Panic Notifications App

Your users will follow this easy process to access their Alyssa's Alert app and trigger a panic. The more detail you provide in your user profile, the more the authorities will be able to help.

School Districts will invite their users (teachers, principals, and SRO) to the app.

Coordinated Development

AppArmor was selected along with other vendors as a result a comprehensive public tender process for panic button conducted by the FL Department of Education. We are authorized to provide panic button platform that is compliant with Alyssa's Law to K12 school districts in Florida. We are also the suppliers of the FortifyFL suspicious activity reporting app.

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  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement

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